Disturbed Reflects On the 'Demons' of Depression and the Importance of Talking It Out

'You shouldn’t feel that you have to deal with that battle on your own'

September 3, 2020

RADIO.COM's I’m Listening broadcast returns on Wednesday, September 23. During the 2-hour event, we’ll once again join forces with artists, athletes, and individuals nationwide to showcase that talk has the power to save lives.

Leading up to this year's special, we’re taking a look back at our past I'm Listening shows to share some of our favorite interviews throughout the next week.

Chicago rockers Disturbed, who have historically been outspoken about mental health, previously chatted with us and shared some sage advice about the importance of talking it all through with someone you trust.

“Regarding this demon that so many of our love ones and so many people close to us are struggling with of addiction and depression, and not being ashamed to talk about it and not being ashamed to come forward,” singer David Draiman says “you shouldn’t feel that you have to deal with that battle on your own.”

“People need to be advocates,” Draiman continued. “People need to get involved. If they see the warning signs, if they see somebody falling prey to depression, to addiction... intervene. Don’t wait. Don’t wait until it’s too late.”

“And for those who are dealing with the demon, don’t feel like it’s a battle you have to wage on your own. There are always people who will help you, who will give you a hand up, who will be there to support you, who will continue to give you a reason to fight.”

“The despair that leads to sometimes the end of things should be interrupted by those around you that care about you,” he adds. “If you do see it, again I highly encourage you, don’t wait 'til it’s too late.”

More details about this year's I'm Listening broadcast will be revealed on September 9.

In the meantime, we'll continue to share moments from past I'm Listening shows here and at ImListening.org, with previous guests like HalseyMetallica, and Shawn Mendes opening up about mental health.

We also invite you to share your story about your own journey with mental health. We will select some to be a part of this year's show.

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