Kid Rock Teases Last 'Monster' Tour Of His Career Before Leading Trump Rally

'R U Scared?'

September 15, 2020

(WWJ) - Donald Trump Jr. held a rally to support his father's presidential reelection bid alongside Kid Rock to a large and appreciative -- and mostly mask-free crowd -- in Michigan.

"Because of you guys we have a president that will actually fight for Americans first," Trump Jr. shouted to an appreciative crowd.

Before he took the stage, Kid Rock announced on social media that he would soon announce a tour, the final one of his career, possibly for 2021. He also announced that he's been playing through pain, writing on Facebook, "I have been dealing with neck issues for years (from performing like I do for the past 30 years) and spent the morning at the Dr’s office getting 2 Steroid shots, one in my ass and the other in my neck, etc, etc. Would make sense to cancel my appearance, but NO WAY! I will be there and will give it everything I have this evening."

On stage, he was all support for President Donald Trump, a golf buddy he first endorsed in 2016.

"If you believe in (the) leadership of Donald Trump, that you live and will always live and support, stand for the greatest country in the world, make some damn noise," Rock yelled to even more cheers.

Most of the people in attendance were not wearing masks, reporters noted.

Brian McCollum of also noted that the event felt like a concert, with Rock playing a 20-minute, four-song set with his Brown Tucker Band.

Trump Jr. stepped to the microphone to the sounds of Kid Rock’s “American Bad Ass.”

As for Rock, he outlined on social that he's planning a documentary and one "last monster tour."

"I am currently filming a career documentary and will address EVERYTHING in it, on my own terms, to be released next year with new music and schedule one last monster tour (2021??) that will kick my critics in their ass and give all the love I have to the fans," he wrote.

He added this: "R U Scared?"

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