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#FriendCheckFriday w/ Nick & Brenda!

My pals Nick & Brenda (and 2 daughters) used to live walking distance from us downtown! Sadly work sent them up to DC. It was nice to FaceTime for #FriendCheckFriday Learn more from AdventHealth #ad #feelingwhole Read More


#FriendCheckFriday I’ve partnered with AdventHealth for the “Humans Are Incredible” campaign. Normally I travel the nearly 1,200 miles to hang with my pal Chuck, given the pandemic this is the best we can do so I can meet his newest addition! Lil Hugo is dang cute & clearly not impressed by... Read More
The Adult Toy Price Is Right

Let's Do Some Bonus Ballin' With The Adult Toy Price Is Right!!!

A second round of The Adult Toy Price Is Right in one week?!? Yer damn right! You know why? Because we are GIVERS, people! Is anyone else giving you the chance to bid on vegetable lookin' hump toys and robo-dongs? The answer is no. That's why we're special. That's why we're the pretty ones. Love us... Read More