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Johnny talks to Marlon Wayans 06.21.18.

As the youngest brother of Keenan Ivory Wayans, Damon Wayans and Shawn Wayans, actor/ comedian Marlon Wayans was bound for a career in show business. From getting his start on "In Living Color" to his work in movies like "Scary Movie", "Little Man" and "A Haunted House" was all making the path... Read More

Johnny talks to Dr Sandra Lee 06.21.18.

Southern California dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee has become an internet and social media sensation as "Dr. Pimple Popper"...amassing 2.7 million followers on Instagram and 3.8 million subscribers to her You Tube channel...with views of over 1 billion!! And now, finally, she has her own show making... Read More

The Adult Toy Price Is Right 06.21.18.

All I can say about today's edition of Adult Toy is that dude's just want something new to stick it in...and the ladies pretty much don't want it to be them. It's THE ADULT TOY PRICE IS RIGHT brought to you by Moonlight Adult Boutique!! Read More

Practice Makes Perfectly Fine

Hola Bitcholas, Crazy day today, but that's how it goes as Redfestival approaches. In fact, as soon as the show ends, me, Ryan Castle and Thee Ted Smith are headed to band practice for the New Originals. It needs to be done. So that THIS can come true again! Until tomorrow, do what you do best and... Read More

Tips and Tricks: An Easy Recycling Guide

Recycling can be an intimidating task, especially when it is tempting to simply throw used items in the trash bin. Knowing what can be recycled, and what can't, is a great way to start. Paper & Cardboard Flyers, magazines, junkmail, paper, and cardboard. Avoid waxy paper (milk or juice cartons... Read More
Excited teenager showing a rock sign while listening to music in headphones

Millennial Classic Rock: Change A Song Title

Millennials from all over the world are taking to Twitter today change the names of popular classic rock songs and turning them into millennial-themed jokes. It's all part of a trending hashtag, #MillennialClassicRock. Not gonna lie, they are HILARIOUS. Here are some of our favorites! #... Read More
Royal Blood Perform at the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware

EXCLUSIVE: Royal Blood Plan Their Fake Summer

After several weeks traveling on tour, Royal Blood are ready to go home. "We're at the end of our tether, let me be honest" explains drummer Ben Thatcher . "We've done a good solid two months and this is our last show, so expect Disneyland on its last day." Before one last blazing set at Firefly... Read More

Johnny talks to Tom Wold 06.20.18.

Darwin Minnesota's Tom Wold was all set to spend the weekend listening to some music at the Winstock Country Music Festival...Imagine his surprise when his good time was interrupted after learning that 19 year old Kaitlyn Strom had her head stuck in the exhaust pipe of his truck. Kaitlyn... Read More