Acoustic Disturbed Album To Feature Original Songs

April 6, 2017

With an all-acoustic album on the way, Disturbed revealed that the record will include both original music as well as acoustic versions of songs from their catalog.

Following the success of 2015's Immortalized, an acoustic album has been on the band's agenda for a while. Frontman David Draiman said in an interview that although an acoustic album would be a change from their usual heavy metal sound, an emphasis on melody wouldn't be out of their wheelhouse considering their huge success with their orchestral cover of "The Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel

"There's a huge contingency of kids that want stuff that they can just bash their head open to, you know, and that's great," he said. "We provide that as well. But to us, when we make our music, it has to be fused with melody. The aggression and the power needs to be harnessed with hooks that stay with you."