Hope for the Holidays 12.19.16.

December 19, 2016



Dear Johnny,


I’m not even sure how to start this, as we have never had to ask for anything before. We are a family of 4 and my youngest son suffers with two different disorders, narcolepsy and cataplexy. He is 12 years old, so this has made life a bit rough for him. His 13th birthday is on December 24th just before Christmas. After paying for medications, doctor’s visits and therapy, I just don’t think we can make his birthday special this year, let alone before Christmas. We always find a way, but just trying to keep up with bills is hard enough. He was diagnosed when he was 8 ½ years old. He is one of the youngest we know of to be diagnosed with both disorders. While not terminal, it is something that he will have to deal with his entire life. I just want his birthday and Christmas to be special, because no child should have to deal with what he deals with daily.


Thank you for listening and have a great holiday,



How We Helped: Paid For 2 Months Of Prescription, iPod, Beats Headset, Birthday Cake, Gift Cards For Gas, Christmas, & Groceries

Who Helped: Cosentino’s, Mike w/Black Sheep Cakes, Jeff, Josh, Mike, Gene, & Chris

H4H 12-19.mp3