Metallica's James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett


James Hetfield & Kirk Hammett Give Fans a Tour of Metallica HQ

By: Anthony Capobianco

May 21, 2018

Guitar string manufacturer Ernie Ball and Metallica have teamed up to grant three fans the experience of a lifetime: a personal tour of Metallica HQ with James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett!

They got to see all of the band's iconic artwork, like the head of lady justice, Doris, the original Ride The Lightning banner, the band's enormous museum of guitars, their inner sanctum where they write and record, and much, much more from over 30 years of touring the world.

"What I like to do is walk through those doors and maybe take a look at these banners and go 'Whoa! Look at the love here," says Hetfield. When asked how they were able to perfect their craft over the years, "Trying not to get hung up on stuff. I know a lot of the great lyricists, they sound like it just flowed out of them. But I know it takes a lot of work."

Take a tour of Metallica HQ below!