Website of the Day: "I sometimes over pleasure myself just make your experience better!!" AutoBlows Brian Sloan mixes artificial intelligence and mouth hugs for the all new AutoBlow A.I.!

October 28, 2019



We live in an amazing age of ever evolving technology.
Seemingly every day, there is some new technological advance designed to make our lives easier.
But there is one advance in the tech world that we here on the morning show can really get with...three words:
Enter Brian Sloan and his company, Auto Blow!!
Sure, Brian's original Auto Blow was a giant leap forward in the arena of mouth hug machinery...but now...NOW? Brian has upped the damn ante with the AUTO BLOW A.I.!!
10 settings....10 speeds...use it with virtual reality...IT'S A GOD DAMN BLOW JOB ROBOT, FELLAS< WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW?!??!?!
We truly live in a magical time.
Men are monkeys! Robots win!!