Meet The Hero We Need Right Now! How Michigan Native Ben Ball Fought Off A Home Intruder With A Replica Battle Ax!!

November 12, 2019



Benjamin Ball....36 year old Michigan man...Applebee's employee...competitive combat hobbyist....gamer...Rick & Morty fan...AND THE HERO WE ALL NEED!!

Why? Because when faced with a violent home intruder, he did what any other dude like him would do...HE DEFENDED HIMSELF WITH A F*CKING REPLICA MEDIEVAL AX!!!!

One minute he's chillin', doin' some gaming and watching Rick & thing a violent felon is busting through his apartment Neckbeard The Mighty picked up the ax he calls "his baby" and proceeded to smite a motherf*cker!!

We gave Bennie a call and...god dammit....he was everything we wanted and more!