Raging With The Machine! Comedian Bret Kreischer stops by The Johnny Dare Morning Show for an epic booze-fueled morning!

September 27, 2019



Any time our friend Bert Kreischer stops by the studio you can count on one thing...it's gonna be a f*cking roller coaster ride!
From getting dosed with Molly by Ari Shaffir, to asking Doug Stanhope to tell your own children that Santa Claus doesn't exist...and that was BEFORE he starting drinking on the show!!
Not only has his infamous true story of robbing a train with the Russian mafia, "The Machine", been picked up to become a motion picture..but he sold out not one,  but TWO shows here in KC at the Midland theater!!

Sit back, pour yourself a stiff drink (make sure to stop by Sonic to buy a bag of ice) and get ready for everything from streaking in front of 1st graders at an all girls Catholic school to a rousing singalong of "Maragaritaville"...our boy Bert isn't just living HIS best life...He's living EVERYONE'S best life!