What's The Bigger Natural Disaster? Wild Fires, Flash Floods or Tanya Tucker? Nashville Squares Host Bob Saget Tells All In An Epic Interview!

November 7, 2019

Monica Schipper/ Stringer/ Getty Images


Bob Saget has pretty much done it all at this point.
From starring in a hit sitcom, to hosting a show that was viral videos before there was such a thing, directing movies and performing on Broadway...and now he's taking on something new....Game Show Host!!
Every Friday night you can see Bob on the CMT show "Nashville Squares", based on the classic game show, "Hollywood Squares"...which begs the question...is CMT ready for Bob Saget?
We don't think they know what they're in for!!
Buckle up for damn near 90 minutes inside the head of one our favorite comedians and people!!