Near Death Helicopter Rides, Man Eating Bears And The Fact That Denny Hamlin Is A Dick - NASCAR Star Clint Bowyer Wraps Up The 2019 Season!

November 19, 2019



The 2019 Monster Energy Cup season didn't end up the way our friend Clint Bowyer would have liked...but, while he finished in 9th place in the standings, he had seven Top 5 finishes and has been resigned to Stewart-Haas Racing for another season.
Now he can take a couple of months off, recharge and get ready for next season's opener at Daytona in February.
SO...what's he gonna do to relax...well, apparently he's gonna go risk getting eaten by a god damn bear!!
We talked to Clint to wrap up the season and engae in one of our favorite past times, hating Denny Hamlin's guts.