"This Is A Great Way For Me To Make A Product For People Who Hate My Guts!" Craig Ferguson Takes You On The Road With "Hobo Fabulous"!

November 12, 2019

USA Today/ SIPA/ Imagn


Craig Ferguson got his start in show business as a drummer in a punk bad called The Bastards From Hell...but, luckily for us, he made the move into a career in comedy...eventually making his way to America from his native Scotland, and landing the role of Mr. Wick on the long running "Drew Carey Show"...from there he went on to host the Late Late Show for CBS, eventually going back to stand up, releasing numerous stand up specials.
But now, he's taking the stand up comedy special a step further, releasing a new 6 part stand up docu-series, shot like a rock documentary, through Comedy Dynamics that takes you on the road with him on his "Hobo Fabulous Tour".