Did You Tie One On? Do You Feel Like You Want To Die? We Have Your Salvation!!

November 20, 2019

g-stockstudio/ Getty Images


We've all been there...you go out...you get sh*t faced....and you wake up the next morning wishing for death.
You have a hangover of biblical proportions.
But, instead of laying in a darkened room, praying to Buddah, Jah, Allah or the Sweet Little Baby Jesus to deliver you from your misery...Hope is just a phone call away.

Dr. Meredith Leach is the woman behind Recovery Hydration Therapy (https://recoveryhydrationtherapy.com/)
For as low as $110, RHT will send someone to where you are on your hangover death bed and hook you up to an IV and get up up and ready to party some more!!

And, as an added bonus, Dr. Leach sent our new friend Nicole to the studio to help Nycki with her headache!