Wise Guys, Mob Ties and a Life That's Super Sized: "Hollywood Godfather" Gianni Russo has seen and done it all!

October 8, 2019

USA Today/ SIPA/ Imagin


There are people who have lived full and interesting lives...then there's Gianni Russo.
A quick run down of just a few of the highlights include...beating polio as a child, running numbers for mob boss Frank Costello, having sex with Marilyn Monroe, muscling  his way into a role in The Godfather (wherein he told Marlon Brando he would "cut his fucking heart out"), shot and killed a guy in front of his nightclub in Vegas...and that is just scratching the surface!!
And now, after the success of his book "Hollywood Godfather: My Life In Movies And The Mob", he's launched a weekly podcast available at hollywoodgodfatherpodcast.com...not to mention talk of bringing his incredible story to television!