Hope For The Holidays 11.29.18

November 29, 2018



Dear Johnny,

My family has been struggling very hard this year. I had a knee surgery in late summer, which set us behind. I just started a new job, my fiancé works 50+ hours a week to try to keep us afloat. He works so hard to provide for all of the kids. We have 3 kids total and we don’t know how we are going to do Christmas this year. One kids birthday is 2 days before Christmas, and another is 2 weeks after. We are doing all we can and working tons of hours, but we are on the verge of losing our electricity and having our water shut off. We struggle just to put dinner on the table every night. Any kind of help would be appreciated more than you would ever know. I would love to give our kids a decent Christmas after all of the struggling they have been through this year.

Thank you all – Tiffany


How We Helped: Paid Electric, Water, &Gas Bill, Christmas, & Groceries

Who Helped: Cosentino’s, Misty, Phillip, Cathy, Dennis, Gene, & Neal