Hope For The Holidays 12.10.18.

December 10, 2018



Dear Johnny,

In January of this year my father in law passed away at the age of 60. He was diagnosed with cancer in December of 2015 right before Christmas. He moved in with us so we could help with his appointments and chemotherapy. He fought very hard but in the end, he lost his battle. Like a lot of families, we live paycheck to paycheck and we have four daughters. He was not able to save anything or make any
arrangements for himself because he barely made ends meet on his disability check. We were very lucky that the funeral home worked with us and allowed us to finance a small funeral for him. We were able to lay him to rest in a way that I think would have made him very happy. He was a great man and one of my best friends... it's been a very hard year without him. My wife has been very depressed over losing him and often cries herself to sleep at night. Due to
the costs of the funeral and just our normal day to day bills, we have not been able to afford a headstone for him. This is breaking my wife's heart. Christmas will be very small this year for our kids, which is ok... they understand. It will also be very sad as this is our first Christmas without him. I would love nothing more than to be able to place a headstone on his grave this Christmas, but I just don't see anyway of
being able to afford it. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and
thank you for all that you and the Rock do for Kansas City. Happy Holidays to all of you


How We Helped: Paid For Headstone & Christmas Gift Cards

Who Helped: Maddie, Isaac, Tim, Kayla, Marcus, Beth, Amish Adam, & Ryan