Hope For The Holidays 12.14.18.

December 16, 2018



Dear Johnny,

My name is Alisha and my husband Mitchell and I have two children. Our son is 7 and our daughter is 3 years old. A couple of years ago our son was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Luckily we live about an hour away from Children’s Mercy in KC to get him to all of his appointments, but lately we’ve been falling behind. We are renting a place to live so we can live in a single level home with a ramp to accommodate our son. He has weakening of the muscles and cannot use stairs. I normally don’t like asking for help, but my husband works a job that can be effected by the weather and we have been getting by with just the skin of our teeth each month. The transmission went out in his truck and so he either borrows a car from his parents or catches rides with co-workers. So with the strain of everything else, we worry about reliable transportation for him to get to work. I work a full time job too, and use our other vehicle to get the kids to school and daycare and doctor’s appointments. Without my job we wouldn’t have health insurance. I thank you for reading our letter. 

Happy holidays, 


How We Helped: Paid Rent, Fixed Transmission, Christmas & Groceries Gift Cards

Who Helped: Trevor W/ Christian Brothers Auto, Cosentino’s, Lauren, Brandon, Frederick, Mark, Dylan, Jason W/ Clear Water Pools, Jimmy, & Art