Hope For The Holidays 12.19.18.

December 19, 2018



Dear Johnny,

My name is Robert and I am writing on behalf of my family. My wife and I have 3 children (ages 2, 7, and 10) that live at home and I have an 18 year old son that lives out of the house. I am writing for help, because my youngest daughter (Priscilla) is 2 years old and we have found out that she has a developmental issue where she needs extensive speech therapy. She went in for a check-up at Children’s Mercy and the doctors stated that her brain is not working with her mouth to form the words that most children at her age can. They determined it is not a learning disability and she tested negative for autism. It is treatable through speech therapy exercises and sessions, and they told us she must start treatment soon while her brain is still able to make the connections needed to avoid life long speech issues. Insurance will not pay for these sessions until I reach my deductible and so I would have to pay out of pocket. On top of all this, the car that I rely on to get to work had the engine seize up and it took our savings to have it fixed. We are caught up on bills and have a modest Christmas for the kids, we would just like to see our little girl get the therapy she needs. 

Thank you for reading our letter. Have a Merry Christmas. 


How We Helped: Took care of insurance deductible 

Who Helped: Joe, Michael, Mark, Rob, Chad, Shane, Alex, Scott, Mindy, & Clinton