Hope for the Holidays 12.20.17.

December 20, 2017


Dear Johnny, 

I learned today that Foster Adopt Connect has 150 foster children without Christmas presents. I am not sure if you can help.  Heather is working to help get gifts for these kids.  I am on the board of a Christmas event “It’s a candy coated Christmas.”  We are trying to help, but don’t have the resources for all 150 kids.  If you can help at all that would be fabulous.

Thank You & Merry Christmas,



How We Helped: Raised $20,000 for Christmas presents.

Who Helped: HR Block, Jeff Harvey Trucking, Chip, Ryan, Richard & Dana, Eric, Carrie, Allie, Josh, Shane, Deanne, Rhonda, Jeff, John, Joe, Derek, Rachelle, Rick, Anthony, Kim, Ted, Kay, Caleb, Josh, Misty, Kim, Jennifer, Todd, Dennis, John, Kyle, Kelly, Rod, Lance, Chris, John, Nick, Jeff, Austin, Micki, Smile, Nathan, Erin, Abby, Brock, 

The Perkin’s Family, Bruce, Erica, Crystal, Mike, Karen, Sawyer, Tyler, Renee, Michelle, Jennifer, & Mike

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