Jerk Sleeves, Ayahuasca and Keepin' It In The Family - The True American Success Story of The Fleshlight with Brian Shubin. 07.30.19.

July 30, 2019



Back in 1995, we met a former Austin TX cop named Steve Shubin who was peddling his new male sex toy called the Fleshlight...and at the time, sales weren't amazing.
Flash forward to 2019 and Fleshlight has grown to become the biggest selling male sex toy in the entire world, selling millions upon millions of units all over the globe...from simple strokers to fully interactive masturbators.
And these days, Steve's son Brian is running the company, and has become a good friend of the show...and has taken the company to new heights with products like the new Quickshot Launch! It's a fully automated stroker. giving you 4 stroke lengths, 4 speeds, giving you 250 strokes per minute with up to 60 minutes of run time!!
Not to mention the fact that the Shubin family has built an empire off of the need to rub one out, is a true American success story!
And, as an added bonus, Brian gave us some Quickshot Launch's to give away...and man, some of y'all really need one...