Johnny interviews Adult Film star Buck Angel

April 17, 2017

Born as a woman, but now living as a man, long time Friend of the Show, adult film star Buck Angel is known as "The Man With A Vagina"!! Not only is he as award winning adult film star, but he's a motivational speaker, talking to trans-gendered people the world over and educating others on the subject of living as a trans-man on his own terms and not being part of any "agenda".
And now, in the wake of Caitlyn Jenner's revelation that she finally had gender reassignment surgery, he appeared on the Morning Show to give his thoughts on a life that he himself entered 22 years ago....from being protested in Wisconsin by other transgendered people to why, in today's world, we have to have these conversations.

Oh...and we also talked about his movies "Construction F**kers" and "Pig Fisting"....just to keep things balanced.

BUCK ANGEL 04.17.17..mp3