Johnny interviews KC's own Tech N9ne 03.23.17.

March 23, 2017



Born and raiseed in Kansas City, Tech N9ne has become one of the most fiercely independant artists in the music industry...selling over 2 million albums on his own without the support of major music labels. His latest album, "The Storm" is out now and features a collaboration with Korn's Jonathan Davis...He's ready to release a NEW album of collaborations, titled "Collabos Dominion" on April 7th...and he's rolling into the Midland Theater on June 4th.
He called us up to tell us all about his tour, all of his upcoming projects AND the fact that he was in the headlines lately after Sir Elton John was shopping for Tech's albums in a Canadian record store!!

TECH N9NE 03.22.17..mp3