Johnny talks to comedian/Friend of the Show, Doug Stanhope 12.21.17.

December 21, 2017

If you looked up "Zero F**ks To Give" in a dictionary, you would likely find a picture of comedian Doug Stanhope.

He is one of the most raw, honest, unapologetic and hilarious comedians on the road today.

From his specials "Beer Hall Putsch", "No Refunds" and "No Place Like Home" to his unflinching look at his life in his book "Digging Up Mother"...there are few entertainers who can take it to that dark place like he can.
And his newest book " This Is Not Fame" is an unflinching look at life on the road like no other.
And as someone who, admittedly, hates most morning shows...we are always thankful that he answers our calls!

DOUG STANHOPE 12.21.17..mp3