Johnny talks to comedian/Friend of the Show, Dov Davidoff 11.27.17.

November 27, 2017

Comedian/Actor Dov Davidoff has been a long time favorite of the morning show...from his work on "Chelsea Lately" to his stand up specials "Filthy Operation" and "The Point Is...", he is one of our favorite stand up comedians as well as a Friend of the Show...but his life story is where shit gets REAL interesting!
From his hustler Dad to his hippie Mom's search for enlightenment, that's just the beginning of the road to where he is today that he details in his new book: Road Dog: Life and Reflections from the Road as a Stand-up Comic.
We got him on the phone to talk about everything from  seeing dead guys at age 11, to sex with a hooker at age 13...from growing up in a junkyard to being an outcast in school and so much more.

DOV DAVIDOFF 11.27.17..mp3