Johnny talks to The Moonlight BunnyRanch's Madame Suzette 02.26.19.

February 26, 2019



For years and years, we've been associated with the late Dennis Hof and the World Famous Moonlight Bunny Ranch brothel in Carson City Nevada...And while D was the face and the voice of the BunnyRanch and his other brothels, behind the scenes there was one person who kept things running like clockwork, never taking a vacation and making sure everything got done the right way...and that is Madame Suzette.
Since 1983, she has been a big part of why the BunnyRanch has become the World's #1 Sex Destination.
And he made damn sure that she could continue that legacy by making her the head of his estate.
And she's ready to take the BunnyRanch and it's associated brothels into the future!