Johnny talks to UPS driver Ryan Arens 01.31.19.

January 31, 2019



Ryan Arens has been a UPS driver in Bozeman Montana for 14 years.
Which is a fairly normal existence....but recently he made headlines after his heroic efforts to save a dog that had fallen through the ice on a pond.
Just before Christmas, he was out on his route when he heard a dog in distress...An older man, a retired veternarian, was in a rowboat on the pond, trying with little success to chip away the ice to reach the dog....Ryan stripped down to his boxers in the cold temps., shimmied out on to the ice, falling through the ice! But he still managed to swim to the dog, save it and, despite be cold , wet and cut up, HE FINISHED HIS ROUTE!

We got him on the phone to tell us all about it!