Johnny talks to wrestling legend, Jerry "The King" Lawler 03.12.18.

March 12, 2018



Back when there were only a handful of television stations, before cable, before 24 hour entertainment...Pro Wrestling ruled the airwaves. And one of the biggest names of all, was Memphis native Jerry "The King" Lawler!

A staggering 168 championships, a hugely publicized feud with comedian Andy Kauffman, an induction into the WWE Hall of Fame...all of these things have made him one of the most beloved names in wrestling entertainment history.

And these days, even though he's retired from the ring, he's as busy as ever with his artwork, WWE Comics and his podcast, "Dinner With The King"...and, as always, it was a true pleasure to talk to him on the phone!

JERRY LAWLER 03.12.18..mp3