Kansas City helps raise $7500 for Traveling Turkeys! 11.06.18.

November 6, 2018



Since 2009, Crystal Grote and her family and friend have been helping give people in need the Thanksgiving they deserve...and this year, they needed some help...this the letter we recieved:

Hi All!!!

Thank you so much for many of you for reaching out to help us with the Traveling Turkey program.  We are going to SMASH our 500 basket goal!  Here's the deal, though....We are falling short of the need that has been laid before us.  Children's Miracle Network /  KU Pediatrics has asked for more, and more, and today again they asked for 20 more. All of their recipients are nominated by their nurses and doctors.  They are very thankful for our program.  Unfortunately the Veterans were late getting back with me and I had only designated 25 baskets to them. I spoke with the greatest social coordinator and she was really excited to give Thanksgiving meals to previously homeless veterans that were recently place into homes.  They have placed 200 veterans recently.  This puts us roughly 175 short of our goal.  While they are super thankful for the 25 baskets they are getting, I just can stomach knowing there were 175 out there that we should have helped.  We need to push for $7,000.00 of donations in only one week.  If we can collect this by this Sunday it will allow me time to purchase the items and get the baskets put together.  If you can share our website and ask your friends for donations I would GREATLY APPRECIATE it.    Grateful.  Thankful.  Blessed.  Crystal Grote

And once again, YOU...the people of Kansas CIty...you amazing, wonderful people, stepped up and  made it happen!!

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