Nice Guys Finish First: A Conversation with Emmy Winning Actor Henry Winkler

July 24, 2019

Jesse Grant/ Stringer/ Getty Images


Ever since Happy Days made it's debut on television in 1974, people have known the name Henry Winkler.
The Fonz was, and still is, one of the most iconic characters in television history...Henry never won and Emmy for his work on the show.
Flash forward to 2018 and it seems Hollywood has finally taken notice of the man's talent, with Henry winning an Emmy for his work in the HBO series "Barry"...and now in 2019, Barry has just picked up SEVENTEEN Emmy nominations, along with a second one for our man Henry!
He gave us a call, and in true Henry fashion, we talked about everything from fishing to stiff shoulders and more, BEFORE we ever got to his Emmy nomination. Which is why we love him.