A MOUTHFUL O' DEEZ (CAMEL) NUTS! Florida woman bites camel's testicles at truck stop petting zoo!

September 25, 2019

artorn/ Getty Images


There are soooooo many f**ked up elements to this story that is could only happen in the South.
First, you have the Tiger Truck stop near Baton Rouge Louisiana.
At the Tiger Truck Stop, they have a petting zoo.
At the petting zoo, they have a camel named Caspar.
Along comes a Florida couple (you can guess where this is going)...who were were throwing treats for their deaf dog.

A treat lands in the camel's enclosure...the dog goes in to get the treat...the two Floridian geniuses crawl under the barbed wire fence to get their damn dog...the man and the woman have an altercation with the camel...them camel sits on the woman...and to escape, the woman bit him on the testicles.
The couple ended up with tickets for criminal trespassing and violation of the leash law...and she ended up with a trip to the hospital....play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

We got Tiger Truck Stop manager Pamela Bossier on the phone to find our more!