What Was The Only Bite That Made Rob Alleva Vomit? From Spiders To Snakes, The Kings Of Pain Bring The Agony!

November 18, 2019



There's a whole lotta sh*tty jobs out there...hell, you may work one of 'em...but consider this:
Your job is to travel the world letting various snakes, spiders, fish, lizards and insects sting and bite you....ALL TO FIND OUT WHICH ONES HURT THE MOST!!!
Enter Rob Alleva and Adam Thorn and their history Channel series, Kings Of Pain.
Rob and Adam are traveling the planet creating a 30 point pain index, letting everything from tarantulas, giant wasps, reticulated pythons and more bite the ever loin' sh*t out of them....all in the name of science.
We talked to Rob to try and figure out what the hell is wrong with these guys!