HORROR IN THE SKIES! From Dirty Feet To Dirty Bitches, We Shame Them All With Passenger Shaming's Shawn Kathleen!

November 18, 2019

Digital Vision/ Getty Images


We here on the show (well, with the exception of T Bone) love to travel...and we've spent our fair share of time on airplanes...and if you have traveled on airplanes at all, you know the truth....people are f*cking nasty.
Bare feet, shirtless, drunk, fighting over window shades, leaving dirty diapers...all of it...disgusting.
Which is why we love former flight attendant Shawn Kathleen and her Instagram account Passenger Shaming....where all matter of airborne assholes are called out for their awful behavior!!
And, just in time for the upcoming Thanksgiving travel time, we called up Shawn to talk about what horrors await!!