Meet The Man Who Helped Bring Down Drug Lord Pablo Escobar! - Retired DEA Agent Steve Murphy Tells All In His New Book, "Manhunters"!

November 15, 2019

USA Today/ SIPA/ Imagn


Little did Steve Murphy know when he graduated college with a career in Criminal Justice that, just a handful of years later, he would join the DEA, end up in Bogota Columbia and...along with fellow agent Javier Pena...end up being one of the men who brought down one of the most infamous drug lords in history, Pablo Escobar!!
Along the way he was immersed into one of most dangerous jobs in the world, even having a $300,000 bounty on his head...all in the name of bringing down Escobar, who died in a shoot out in 1993.
He tells the story in the new book "Manhunters: How We Took Down Pablo Escobar"...and he had the opportunity to talk to Steve...who, let's face it, while he sounds like a nice enough fella, is a bad bad mutha.