Website of the Day: PP Shots 05.03.18.

May 3, 2018

We find a lot of weird stuff during our travels around the interwebs...and sometimes, we get real lucky and find some truly weird s** PP Shots.
Basically they're stickers you can have made...of your boss' face, of an ex's face, polititcians, whatever...and you can stick 'em in toilet, or the urnial at work...and allow everyone to pee on 'em....which is fine and all...but PP Shots CEO Stewart also created the "Fun-Due"!!
What is the "Fun-Due"? It's a big ol' veiny penis that also doubles as chocolate fountain!
You could also use cheese or white chocolate...which shockingly somehow seems more gross.

We talked to Stewart about all of it...and he was delightfully odd. (two words "fishing worms")