RAMONES street coming soon in Queens!

October 4, 2016

Father Time is a cruel bastard, hellbent on making sure no one here gets out alive. Sadly, we've seen it too many times over! BOWIE, PRINCE, CASH, LEMMY, all of the OG RAMONES. But one thing he can't do is stop us fans from remembering our idols & heroes nor honoring them as we can and see fit. Whether it's in a statue, a mural on a wall or a street renamed. On the 23rd of this month a street in front of the school all four RAMONES went to will be named in their honor. Can you imagine Queens New York in the 1960's and watching JOHNNY, DEE DEE, TOMMY & JOEY all coming up? The street is at the intersection of 67th Avenue & 110th Street and will appropriately be named RAMONES WAY. 

Here's a couple of enjoyable videos for you. First is of LEMMY with the RAMONES. The other is when LEMMY showed up on MTV back in 1992 whilst JOEY was being interviewed.