Weekly Rock Wind Up 07.08.16

with Jason Nivens

July 7, 2016
  • 10 days out from my birthday (the 18th), if you're feeling like a gift ;) 
  • Man, what a wild & crazy week, eh? Do me 2 favors. First off, give your family a big ole hug & sloppy kiss this weekend. Hang with them, talk with them about how us humans are gonna be alright and how we need to look out for one another. And number two, stolen from Mr. Bo Jackson, is do something kind for a stranger. We're all on this little planet for the time being so let's try and remember that, ok? 
  • Let's chat about this week's Weekly Rock Wind Up, shall we? Vince Neil is in some hot water for the altercation he was in in Vegas a while back. Kurt Cobain's iconic guitar, from the Unplugged in NYC sessions, is being held hostage!! An old friend played with GnFnR this week! A new friend is OUT of Megadeth & much more!! Enjoy & have a great weekend!