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Gotta be honest, I totally agree.....

ANTHRAX's SCOTT IAN Says AC/DC 'Should Just Stop' If BRIAN JOHNSON Is Unable To Continue Fronting Band April 4, 2016 ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian says that AC/DC "should just stop" if Brian Johnson is unable to continue singing for the band. Photos of GUNS N' ROSES singer Axl Rose and members of AC/... Read More

It's not a reunion yet....but could it turn into one!?!??

I don't konw what's going on yet, but could this grow into what would actually be considered a reunion of Guns N Roses?? Ex-GUNS N' ROSES Drummer STEVEN ADLER Cancels Whisky A Go Go Concert; Venue Promises 'Big Announcement' March 21, 2016 The previously announced April 1 concert by ADLER, the band... Read More

When it rains it pours....

First Malcom falls ill....then a good friend of Brian's passes away forcing the band to move their KC show a day early....now THIS 03/07/2016 AC/DC TO RESCHEDULE UPCOMING U.S. TOUR DATES SINGER BRIAN JOHNSON ADVISED BY DOCTORS TO DISCONTINUE TOURING AC/DC are forced to reschedule the 10 upcoming... Read More

World premiere of NEW Sixx A.M.

We're going to see Sixx A.M. May 14th as part of Rockfest 2016 and they are prepared to release the first part of a new double album!! "Prayers for the Damned Vol. 1" is set to drop April 29th, giving all of us plenty of time to learn the new songs and be ready to jam along with them at Liberty... Read More

Mandatory Master

Ok, so I wasn't really supposed to say anything until next week but I can't hold this one back..... As many of you probably know, March 3rd is the 30th anniversary of Metallica's Master of Puppets! So, to celebrate, on Thursday night at 9p for your Mandatory Metallica, I'm going to play Master of... Read More

Book of Shadows 2

I know a lot of you have been waiting for new material from Zakk Wylde....well wait no longer!! Yesterday he debuted a new single from the LONG awaited Book of Shadows 2! I've always been a big fan of the first Book of Shadows double disk and if this song is any indication of what the rest of the... Read More

Ed Force One

In case you haven't seen it yet....may I introduce to you the brand new Ed Force One!! This was the maiden (no pun intended) voyage with Bruce Dickinson is at the controls and this was his first ever landing in a 747. Iron Maiden and Ed Force One are embarking on another Round-the-World venture and... Read More


Quick reminder for everyone that AC/DC is THIS SUNDAY NIGHT!!! The tickets you current hold will definitely be honored. This show is going to be off the hook!! I'll see you at Sprint Center Sunday night!!! Read More