Battling Tornados, Coronavirus and the Fine Art of Ball Busting: Jon Lovitz Brings His Stand Up To The Improv!!

March 12, 2020
Jon Lovitz

Ethan Miller/ Staff/ Getty Images


America first met Jon Lovitz in the mid-80s when he joined the cast of Saturday night live, where over the rest of that decade, he created characters such as pathological liar Tommy Flanagan, and The Master Thespian...he went on to launch an acting career in movies like "A League Of Their Own", "Little Nicky" and "The Wedding Singer" well as appearing on shows like "The Goldbergs", "News Radio" and more.
And now he's moving into a new era of his career... doing stand up comedy!
And while it's always great to talk to him, the epic ball busting he unleashed on Johnny this morning was truly stunning.
Check him out this weekend at The Improv!