DEATH FROM THE SKIES!! Are The Murder Hornets Coming To Kill Us All? Entomologist Conrad Berube Gives Us The Answers!!

May 7, 2020
The Johnny Dare Morning Show



Welp, 2020 is trying it's best to be The Worst Year Ever...first the Covid shuts the entire god damn world down, now the internets are all abuzz (no pun intended) about the arrival of the Giant Asian Hornet, aka THE MURDER HORNET  in the US and Canada!!
Well, far be it from us to not take the geniuses on Facebook's word for it...We decided to talk to beekeeper and entomologist Conrad Berube about whether or not we should be terrified of this winged assassin!!!
You know...because in the battle between Science and Your Cousin Butch....We're gonna side with science.