"The Gay Agenda Is Like The Legion Of Doom, But With Better Costumes!" Friend Of The Show Big Gay Jeff Goes To The Governor's Mansion! -

December 18, 2019
Johnny Dare Morning Show



Jeff Parson aka "Big Gay Jeff" has been a Friend of the Show for a long time.
Not only is he an amazing artist, having worked on numerous projects for Jackyl and garnered a ton of media coverage for his giant Patrick Mahomes painting... he's an amazing costume designer and just an all around good dude.

And it just so happens that his Uncle is the governor of Missouri...and because of his more conservative voter base, his relationship with Jeff has been tense...BUT? This past week we see on Instagram that Jeff is at the damn Governor's Mansion!! So we had to get him on the phone to find out about this Christmas miracle!

Check out Jeff's amazing artwork here!