"I took it up the butt for you kids!" America's Tran-pa, Buck Angel talks being a trans ground breaker, legal weed and more!!

August 20, 2020
Buck Angel

Slavin Vlasic/ Stringer/ Getty Images


Buck Angel, aka The Man With A Vagina, is a true ground breaker...starting life as a woman, now living as a man, launching his own website, becoming the most well known trans adult film star, launching the first trans dating site, designing an award winning line of sex toys...and still he gets shit from the younger generation for not always being in line with the ever changing world of the LGBTQ community.

Yet, he continues set and example for trans people everywhere...and now he's entered the world of legal weed with his line of cannabis products Pride Wellness, now partnering with Wings of Wellness for medical marijuana delivery!!