Which famed comedy club owner talked Bob Saget out of going to grad school (and eventually told him he wasn't funny)? Find out here!!

October 23, 2020
Bob Saget & Johnny Dare



For those of us who are nerds for the history and stories of the legendary stand up comedians who have made a mark on the entertainment landscape, it's always great to know someone like our friend Bob Saget.

Before he made his mark on "Full House" and "America's Funniest Home Videos", he was a stand up comedian sharing the stage of Hollywood's famed Comedy Store with the likes of David Letterman, Richard Pryor, Robin Williams, Sam Kinison, and many more....which is why it's great to see that he's part of the new Showtime docu-series about the club that rocketed so many comedians to stardom!
And to think...if the Comedy's Store's owner Mitzi Shore hadn't talked Bob out of going to Grad School, we wouldn't be talking to him today!!

And, apart from, all of that...it's always nice to talk to Bob because he's such a calming voice...a seriously dark and f**ked up voice...but a calming one nontheless....and we love him for that.

Make sure you check out his podcast, "Bob Saget Is Here For You"