Scaring Stamos, Curing Dwarfism and Being Married To A Black Belt: Fun Sized Comedian Brad Williams Covers It All!!

September 30, 2020
Brad Williams

Frazier Harrison/ Staff/ Getty Images


The NY Post recently released an article "There may be a cure for dwarfism — but some call it unethical"...and when you want to know more about something like that, you go to someone who knows about such things!
In our's good friend of the show and stand up comedian, Brad Williams...who, if you didn't know, was born with dwarfism.

Here's the article:

And, not surprisingly, Brad had some opinions!
But along the way, we also found out what it's like to terrify John Stamos as well as what it's like to watch your black belt wife whip a dude's ass in a bar!!