"It's A Culling Of Morons!" Comedian Christopher Titus Takes On Anti-Maskers And More!

June 17, 2020
Christopher Titus

Evan Agostini/ Staff/ Getty Images


When you consider that Christopher Titus grew up with an drunk, abusive father, and a mentally unstable mother who was prone to violence and shot and killed her 2nd husband...you wouldn't immediately think he'd become a stand up comedian...but he channeled all of that into becoming one of the most fearless comics in the business.
He's released numerous specials like "Love Is Evol", "Born With A Defect", "Amerigeddon", "Angry Pursuit of Happiness" among others...each one showcasing some of the smartest and raw comedy you will ever see.

He has tour dates lined up and is hoping to get back on the road...but until then, you can listen to his podcast "Armegeddon Update" through his website https://www.christophertitus.com/