"I have a hard enough time using words I know, let alone learning new definitions that will describe where you are on the sexual continuum!" Comedian Dov Davidoff has opinions and is not afraid to share them!!

May 4, 2020
Dov Davidoff

Imeh Akpanuddosen/ Stringer/ Getty Images


Of all of the comedians we are friends with here on the morning show, there are precious few who are as blunt, outspoken and unafraid to speak his mind as Dov Davidoff.
And all it takes is watching his specials like "Filthy Operation", "The Point Is" and "Lower Your Expectations" to see what we mean.

And being sheltered in place has done little to tone down the crazy in that head of his.
We checked in with Dov whose been hunkered down with his wife and new child in NYC...and lord knows THAT must be going well....