"We're all gonna die eventually, but it's not going to be because someone coughed at me at a gas pump!" Comedian Jay Mohr is an "American Treasure"!!

July 22, 2020
Jay Mohr

Ethan Miller/ Staff/ Getty Images


Comedian Jay Mohr made a name for himself with his work in "Jerry Maguire" and on the series "Action"...but it's on stage where he really shines...because he simply just. does. not. give. a. f**k!!
Nothing is sacred. No name is too big. He has no fear of reprisal.
And that fearless attitude in on full display in his latest comedy special, "Jay Mohr: American Treasure"...available on YouTube/ iTunes/ Amazon/ Google + and more!!!
We haven't talked to our old friend in a while...and when we did, it was like no time passed at all!!