"The quarantine got me back to a lot of things from my childhood..like playing boards games, doing puzzles....and crying." Comedian Josh Blue is back with a new special, "Broccoli"!!

July 27, 2020
Josh Blue and Johnny Dare



Josh Blue has been one of our favorite comedians for a long time...and he's been dealing with the whole life during Covid thing just like everyone else...stuck at home, home schooling the kids, slooooowly losing his mind...but he's doing it on the side of a damn mountain in Colorado!!
But he has a new comedy special out, "Broccoli", available on iTunes/ Amazon/ YouTube and more...and he's doing some socially distant stand up dates...including some upcoming shows in Denver Aug 14&15, that will be livestreamed here: https://comedyworks.com/

We got Josh on the phone to see what's up in his world, and the deep, hidden meaning behind the title of his new special!