We're "TAKIN' IT OUTSIDE!" with Comedian Josh Blue!! Check him out LIVE at the Improv!!

August 28, 2020
Josh Blue and Johnny Dare



As the world slooooowly starts to get back to some semblence of "normal", it's been great to see stand up comedy shows happening again...which is why we were excited when we found out our friend Josh Blue was coming to KC to perform at The Improv!!
But, while normally, Josh would stop by the studio and hang out all morning...things around here haven't returned to normal just yet here at the station...and we can't have guests in studio just yet....
BUT no one told us we couldn't have guests OUTSIDE!!
Which is why we've introduced sumthin' we call "TAKIN' IT OUTSIDE!!"...Just Johnny, Nicki, Josh Blue and a shitty old picnic table out on the station lawn!!
And it was great to see our old friend Josh in person again!!