He Is The Angry Voice Of The People!! Comedian Vic DiBitetto Blows Up The Internet With His "Message To The Government"!!

April 23, 2020
Vic DiBitetto Getty Images

Mike Coppola/ Staff/ Getty Images


Brooklyn born stand up comedian, Vic DiBitetto is living proof that hard work and determination can eventually pay off!!
Starting his stand up career 35 years ago, eventually starting his own You Tube channel to share his angry, expletive-filled rants...and now he has suddenly become a huge internet sensation with one of his newest rants, "A Message To The Government" where he very loudly says just what the hell is on all of our minds when it comes to this whole quarantine mess!!

Over the last few weeks, he's taken on everything from Televangelists, "Patriots" carrying Nazi Flags, Airline bailouts, people not receiving their unemployment and stimulous checks and more!
Check 'em all out here!

We got Vic on the phone and, damned if he isn't the hero we need right now!